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About Go&Grow

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Our vision in Applinet Technology is to lead the revolution of information technology in Africa. Our mission is to serve businesses, individual and organizations by providing solution based branding, websites/software, and more.

More on Applinet Technology?

Business Website

A business without a website is a business lacking professionalism.

Business Marketing

Excellent eye-catching Business Branding

Business Maps

Show people you have your business on the World Map.

Social Business

Market your business on social media. Let more people find you.

Business Websites deal completed!

Businesses on Social Media deal done!

Businesses Brands deal completed!

Businesses on Google and Bing Map deal initialized and completed!

Benefits for SME Businesses

To promote more businesses in Nigeria and Africa and increase their income base.

Free Coding. No Paying for coding

You grow your business while we bear the coding...

Free Advertisement in Applinet Technology Websites

In our websites, your business may have the opportunity of free advert depending on your goal for your business.

Social Media Marketing

We will position your business vision, mission and ideas for everyone to see on all social media platforms.

Free Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your business website to display your amazing content even before visitors can visit it? Here, is the team of talented SEO professionals to get you going.

Free One Month Content Creation.

One month free business branding including the design of logos, create initial business content and promoting your business.

Business on World Map

You have a business and is not seen in the world map? Gone is the days! People trust what they see and see as they say is believing. We will let the world know where your business is.

Work, Go and Grow

You don't have anything you do to earn cool money? Cool money is money made with SMARTness. You can join our team to grow your income.

Business Protection and Cyber Security

As the world advances in Technology, so also there are loopholes for miscreant to spy into your data. This program give you and your business free cyber fraud free products and services. You don't have to pay for it. Only Choose any of the slots below to start your plan to Go and Grow.

Promo Categories

Below are the promotion categories currently on.

  • All
  • Agro Businesses
  • Health Care
  • Information Technology
  • Furniture and Carpentry Businesses
  • Fashion Businesses
  • School Businesses
  • Electronics repairs and maintenance Businesses
  • Catering Services
  • Engineering
  • NGO and Charity Organizations
  • Blogging and News Agency
  • Business Mentors and Coaches
  • Sport Clubs
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Food and Drinks Businesses (NAFDAC Approved)
  • Insurance Businesses
  • Motor Parts Businesses
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Industrial Chemical Businesses


Health is Wealth

Check your health today

world of information


School books

Electronics Testing

Practice of Law Firm

Perfect Cateering

Structured Engineering


News Agency

News Agency2

Coaching and Mentoring concept


Field and Football



We want more businesses online, make profits and enlarge their business borders. These prices below are promo prices.

Silver Package

N40000.0 Annually
  • Business branding (Logo, content etc)
  • Domain hosting (.com.ng)
  • Website Hosting
  • One week Facebook ads
  • Custom Email Creation
  • Business on Google Map.
  • Search Engine Optimization

Gold Package

N150000.0 Annually
  • Business branding (Logo, content etc)
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain hosting (.com.ng)
  • Social Media Consultation
  • 1 Month Facebook ads
  • Business on Google Map
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Store

Diamond Package

N350000.0 Annually
  • Business branding (Logo, content etc)
  • Domain hosting (.com.ng)
  • Website Hosting
  • IT-Business Growth Consultation Service (6 per year)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Consultation
  • 1 Month Facebook ads
  • An Android Application
  • IOS Application


We are made up of solution minded individuals, talented in business branding, software development, social media marketing, security, data management etc.

Godswill Ikpotokin


I am a software developer. I'm also passionate about AI, and cyber security. I love teamwork.

Victor Chukwuemeka

Website Developer

Software Developer

Edet Uboho

Marketing Team Lead

I'm a back-end developer as well as a branding and marketing maestro. I can build strong systems for your business and also help it stand out in the crowd. Whether your business is big or small, new or old, I can help it grow. By combining my tech and marketing skills, I can boost your sales and make your brand more popular. Let's work together and take your business to new heights.

Yusuf Jamiu

Website Developer

Once a student, now a team member of Applinet Technology. I am a software developer.

Abass Yusuf


Daniel Ebi

Website Developer


We know how beneficiary this program is, here are few of our beneficiaries.

Emmanuel Egbe


Developing a website was a challenge for my business because the charges were not friendly, what amazed me about Applinet Technology is how re-defined, effective and efficient they are. A travel agency now is just a click away www.embytravels.com. We were designed by Applinet Technology 😀👍🏾

Abraham Bankole



Frequently Asked Questions

This are the frequently asked questions.

1. What is Go&Grow program all about?

Go&Grow program is a program developed and managed by Applinet Technology. Its aim is to solve two major economic problems: (1) Individual Insolvency and (2) Business Insolvency . With Go&Grow, businesses are given all the required resources to succeed in income maximization and their business expansion while unemployed people can be partners of our shared income system.

2. How Long will Go&Grow Program be?

Go&Grow Program is one of the tools we are using to lead the revolution of information technology in Africa. As such, there is no expiry date for this program. Our hope is to see more businesses in Africa soil benefiting from this program.

3. How does the Shared income system work?

Shared income system is an initiative to help people make a living while they partnering with us in helping more businesses Go&Grow. Every income received from businesses that have grown through our partners, those partners receive their revenue as long as that business continue to Go&Grow in Applinet Technology. Detail information are given to our partners. To be a partner of this program, chat or call: +2347069374780.

4. What is Afro? How does it work?

In a world where the digital landscape is constantly evolving, Applinet Technology introduces Afro Coin, a revolutionary digital currency tailored for our community. Why Afro Coin? Afro Coin is more than just a digital currency; it's an embodiment of our community's growth and patronage. Here's how it stands out: Earn as you promote businesses: With every transaction made at Applinet Technology, a promoter stands to earn. For example, for a service worth 40k, a promoter receives 10% (4,000). Considering that 1 Afro is equivalent to 1,000, the promoter will be credited with 4 Afro Coins. A Growing Value with Patronage: Unlike traditional currencies, the value of Afro Coin isn't static. Its value escalates based on the number of businesses promoted in Applinet Technology. So, as more businesses avail of our products and services, Afro Coin gains strength and value. A Stable Dependency: Traditional currencies, like the Naira, have their value swayed by global benchmarks like the dollar. Their value is affected by external economic conditions. However, Afro's value is directly proportional to Go&Grow Program growth and patronage by businesses. Its value isn't reliant on external factors but is rooted in all business progression. Boosting Afro Coin's Strength: The uniqueness of Afro Coin lies in its dependence on Applinet's services such as the Go&Grow. If our goal is to enhance its value, and subsequently get a higher conversion rate to Naira, then our path is clear - promote more businesses via our Go&Grow initiative. Afro Coin is not just a digital currency; it's a testament to Applinet's commitment to innovation and community growth. As we progress, Afro Coin is set to redefine how financial transactions are viewed, valuing community growth over external dependencies. Join us in this financial revolution and be part of the change!

5. How can one participate in the Go&Grow Program?

Go&Grow Program can only be benefited through someone who is already participating in the program. He or she shares his/her link to you whether as a promoter or a business you want to promote. Otherwise, you will get an error message .


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